Help Us Help You

June 6, 2014  |  ease, estimate, job order, website

We’ve received some really nice comments about our website’s new design. Everyone seems to like how easy it is to send us estimate requests, job orders or just to send us files. A lot of that ease is the lack of boxes forcing you to click to tell us what type of paper you want or any special folds or cuts your job needs. You can just send it, making it easier and faster to send. But like with everything, there is a cost. And that cost is information.

Since you aren’t forced to tell us via electonic forms about your job, we need you to supply the details we need to complete it:

  • How many do you want? 
  • Is it single-sided or double-sided? 
  • Is it black-and-white or color?
  • Does it fold, cut, or score?  
  • Do you need heavier card stock or lighter weight paper? 
  • Gloss stock or plain finish?

There are hundreds of questions we could ask: 

  • Do you want to mail it?
  • Will it be used outdoors?
  • Does it need laminated or mounted on a board?
  • Is it a one-time use or do you want something for many events?

Just as you rely on us for fast, high quality work, we count on you to give us the details we need to help you. Tell us how you want to use the piece. We may have a print solution you hadn’t thought of, maybe one that will save you time and money. We're ready to listen, on-line or in person, by phone, fax, or email.

The more we know up front, the faster we can get you an estimate or produce your job.