How Much Will It Cost?

February 20, 2015  |  cost, estimate, job, pricing, quote

Whenever we buy something that has a lot of options, we often ask “How much is my out-of-pocket?”  We want to know how much something will cost - one, so we will know if we can afford it, and two, to make certain it isn’t wildly overpriced. But we know we have to specify first which options we want before we can be given a price. We never go to a restaurant and ask the server how much our meal will cost before we have even given our order.

Like the restaurant server, we need information from you, our customers, to help us estimate how much your job will cost. If we don’t know what you want, we can’t tell you how much it will cost.

Unlike the restaurant, we may not be in control of every aspect of the job. While no one takes their own groceries to a restaurant to have the chef prepare them, we are often asked to begin a job using a customer’s computer files or custom paper stock. Adjustments may be needed or other materials used to produce the piece wanted in the time frame allowed. Providing files in pdf format is preferred and will help expedite your printing request.

If you’re not sure about which options are available, we’ll be happy to help you. Just let us know what you want your finished piece to be or to do. Like your waiter, we don’t want to tell you about various salad dressings when you really want to know about which desserts are available!

The more we know, the faster and better we can process your request.

Please be sure to tell us as much as possible about your job: How many do you need? Is it single-sided or double-sided? Does it fold, cut, or score?  Do you need heavier card stock or lighter weight paper? Gloss stock or plain finish? Do you need it laminated or mounted on foam core?  Please include any other pertinent information (you want to mail it, it will be used outdoors, etc...) or any special instructions you may have. The more we know upfront, the faster you have what you want.