What is a proof?

A printed sample of your requested piece in order to check that all will come out on the printed page exactly as you intend: the right fonts, graphics, colors, margins, and overall positioning. A proof may also be in the form of a computer file, usually a PDF. This is the time to check for errors and the opportunity to make changes.  Once the proof is approved, your piece moves into production and changes cannot be made without additional cost and/or time.

Why do I need to look at a proof if I've provided you with artwork or text that I created?

Your approval on the final proof is assurance that you have looked over every aspect of our work and approve it as accurate. It provides you with an opportunity to make sure the information or files you provided has no errors that may have been missed initially. Also, different devices process digital information differently. Your approval assures that the output device has correctly interpreted and processed the files you have provided. It benefits everyone if errors are caught in the proofing process rather than after the job is completed and delivered.

What if I need business forms, big color prints, or labels?

We produce almost everything in-house, from small tags and labels to large vinyl banners. Occasionally there are projects that are too specialized for us to do in-house. In those cases, we have a network of production facilities that provide us with those specialty products.

How do I go about getting an estimate from you?

We know often the first step of a project is figuring out the costs. We\\'ll be happy to help you get started. Click here to send us information about your project or give us a call. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

How soon can I have something printed?

We pride ourselves in our quick turn around times, but many factors come into play to produce a piece. Let us know as soon as possible about your project and we'll get the process started. We think you'll be surprised at how fast you'll have your job.